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High-Tech Hygiene In Commercial Bathrooms Sensor Faucet At Estates Of Acqualina Sunny Isles Beach, FL.

Experience the pinnacle of sophisticated living in Miami at The Estates at Acqualina. This extraordinary collection of thoughtfully curated residences is managed by Acqualina Resort & Residences, renowned as the premier luxury beachfront retreat in the contiguous United States according to TripAdvisor. It constitutes a self-contained world of its own. The Estates at Acqualina offers an extensive range of upscale high-rise homes, exclusive indoor and outdoor amenities, lavish lobby concepts conceived by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, and top-notch services provided by Acqualina Resort, America's foremost luxury oceanfront resort. Our unparalleled Platinum Collection introduces the epitome of luxury—a carefully chosen selection of exquisitely furnished penthouses, available in limited quantities, and designed for the most discerning buyers.

Acqualina enhances the esteemed Sunny Isles Beach with its remarkable oceanfront presence, delivering unmatched luxury and comfort to its inhabitants. Built-in 2006 by BSG Development and expertly designed by Robert Swedroe, this impressive 51-story tower dominates the skyline of Sunny Isles Beach. The property consists of 188 upscale condo residences and 98 condo-hotel units. Spanning over 4.5 acres of unspoiled beachfront terrain and featuring an impressive 400 feet of shoreline, Acqualina provides sweeping vistas of both the ocean and the city, embodying the epitome of coastal living at its finest.

The Estates Of Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, features a contemporary commercial bathroom faucet equipped with a motion sensor, similar to the one shown below. Touchless bathroom faucets, a valuable addition to any establishment, embody the intelligent restroom design of tomorrow. The adoption of commercial touchless bathroom faucets is steadily gaining ground in the realm of architectural innovation, and for good reason – they offer efficiency, hygiene, and aesthetics. If you are contemplating their integration into your upcoming project, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Start by evaluating their intended use. Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets are best suited for high-traffic areas. Fontanashower offers a wide range of premium automatic motion sensor faucets, available in various styles and designs tailored specifically for commercial applications.

In spaces characterized by high pedestrian activity, touchless fixtures are essential. FontanaShowers provides unique and eco-conscious touchless fixtures. Our product range encompasses intelligent electronic faucets and soap dispensers operated by motion sensors, which demand minimal maintenance and are designed to resist vandalism. These fixtures offer valuable functionality in restroom settings, making them especially suitable for low-maintenance requirements in locations such as office buildings, airports, shopping malls, and various other heavily trafficked public restrooms.



FontanaShowers® steadfastly upholds its dedication to turning commonplace into remarkable experiences through the influence of cutting-edge design. Our sense of accomplishment is deeply embedded in our partnerships with world-renowned designers, architects, and artists. Collectively, we embark on a creative expedition to craft bathroom fixtures and accessories that distinguish themselves as genuinely matchless.

FontanaShowers® additionally offers automatic soap dispensing solutions, including foam and liquid soap dispensers, that are environmentally conscious and durable choices for commercial restroom facilities. With a proven history of delivering top-notch products and outstanding customer support, FontanaShowers has earned a reputable standing in the bathroom fixture sector.

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Our High Traffic Touchless Faucet has been installed at Estates of Acqualina Sunny Isles Beach, FL.

Take a look at our luxury Commerical touchless Faucets as well as luxury soap dispenser set products, all have been designed to bring hygiene and style into high-traffic restroom spaces.