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Hygiene Practice With Low Maintenance Hands-Free Faucet At North Austin Muslim Community Center (NAMCC - Masjid Aisha).

Much like many Muslim communities across North America, the North Austin Muslim Community had modest beginnings. It all began in 1990 when a small group of roughly twelve individuals commenced their Friday prayers (Salat al-Jum’ah) within a residence situated on Prairie Dove Circle in Austin, Texas. As time passed, their numbers began to increase, prompting the establishment of a nonprofit organization called the North Austin Muslim Community Center. They subsequently relocated to a rented space on North Lamar Blvd. Over the following years, this newly formed community committed itself to fundraising efforts and the search for a suitable permanent location for their mosque.

Eventually, they seized the opportunity to purchase a suitable property for $152,000, although it included three rundown buildings that required extensive renovations. Through unwavering determination, the community successfully restored one of the buildings, leading to the inauguration of North Austin's very first mosque in December 1996. Subsequently, the remaining two buildings were also refurbished to accommodate a Sunday School and the living quarters of the Imam. In 2012, the mosque received the official name of Masjid Aisha, in homage to the beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad. Today, with over a thousand participants in their Friday prayers, the community has outgrown its current space. Consequently, they have embarked on a project to construct a new mosque on the same premises, with the hope of accommodating their growing community for the foreseeable future, God willing.

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