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Decrease Your Cost And Manage Your Bathroom With The Best Design Public Restrooms Touchless Faucets At Puttery In Kansas.

Puttery provides adults with an unparalleled immersive experience that stands out from the rest. Whether you're into competitive socializing, savoring curated culinary delights, or sipping on inventive craft cocktails, one thing remains certain – you can consistently expect an extraordinary night out that's nothing short of epic.

Puttery In Kansas

Don't hesitate to bust out those mid-shift dance moves

At Puttery, their main focus is on having fun. When you're enjoying yourself, their guests are too. So, don't hesitate to bust out those mid-shift dance moves, and let's dive into the tasks at hand.

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They are dedicated to providing guidance

Whether it's in your personal life or on a professional level, their goal is to assist every associate in achieving success. With an abundance of opportunities for personal and career growth, they are dedicated to providing guidance and support as you progress toward your goals.

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In commercial restroom settings, it's essential to incorporate touchless fixtures, and FontanaShowers offers a distinctive and eco-friendly selection. Our range includes intelligent touchless electronic faucets and motion-sensor soap dispensers that require minimal upkeep and are built to withstand vandalism. These fixtures provide valuable features for restrooms and are particularly well-suited for low-maintenance use in office complexes, airports, shopping centers, and other heavily frequented public restroom facilities.



FontanaShowers® is unwavering in its commitment to transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences through the power of innovative design. Our pride is rooted in our collaborations with globally acclaimed designers, architects, and artists. Together, we embark on a creative journey to produce bathroom fixtures and accessories that stand out as truly unparalleled and exude a unique, captivating charm.

FontanaShowers® also provides automatic soap dispensers, such as foam soap dispensers and liquid soap dispensers, both of which are environmentally friendly and long-lasting options for commercial restrooms. With a solid track record for delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, FontanaShowers has established itself as a well-respected name in the bathroom fixture industry.

Touchless Features

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Touchless Bathroom Faucets

The Solution to High Traffic Bathrooms! Our High Traffic Touchless Faucet has been installed at Puttery In Kansas

Take a look at our luxury touchless bathroom faucets as well as luxury soap dispense set products, all have been designed to bring hygiene and style into high-traffic restroom spaces.