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Rivian's headquarters are located in Irvine, California, and they operate a manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois. In addition to these locations, Rivian has facilities in Palo Alto, California; Carson, California; Plymouth, Michigan; Vancouver, British Columbia; Wittmann, Arizona; and Woking, England. Furthermore, Rivian has announced intentions to construct a new factory in Georgia with an estimated investment of $5 billion.


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Rivian's core mission is to contribute to the global shift towards carbon-neutral energy and transportation by producing innovative products and services. They specialize in crafting groundbreaking electric vehicles and related accessories, which they directly offer to consumers and commercial clients.

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Providing insights into their large-scale production of electric vehicles

Rivian's cutting-edge manufacturing plant in Normal, Illinois is where their vehicles are crafted. Join RJ Scaringe, the founder and CEO of Rivian, as he guides you through every section of the facility, providing insights into their large-scale production of electric vehicles.

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In settings with heavy foot traffic, the adoption of touchless fixtures is essential. Keeping in mind the aesthetics of architectural bathroom design, FontanaShowers offers touchless faucets that not only exude elegance but also promote sustainability. Our product range includes intelligent touchless electronic faucets and motion-sensor soap dispensers designed to withstand vandalism, enhancing the overall quality of any restroom. These fixtures are particularly well-suited for low-maintenance requirements in places like office buildings, airports, shopping malls, and various other bustling public restrooms.

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FontanaShowers is celebrated for its advanced bathroom and electronic restroom faucets, as well as soap dispensers. The awareness of the significance of touchless bathroom faucets and soap dispensers in commercial settings has significantly grown following the pandemic. Architects now give heightened consideration to this aspect when designing both commercial and residential restrooms. At FontanaShowers, we specialize in the transformation of traditional bathrooms into intelligent, modern spaces by integrating advanced commercial touchless electronic faucets and motion-sensor soap dispensers for residential and commercial use.

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Improve Bathroom Hygiene! Our High Traffic Touchless Faucet has been installed at Rivian Plants, USA Bathroom Faucets Architectural Design

Take a look at our luxury Touchless Faucets as well as luxury soap dispenser set products, all have been designed to bring hygiene and style into high-traffic restroom space.