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Rose Gold Auto Sensor Faucets/Auto Soap Dispenser

Rose gold is an auto sensor faucet that is designed for both modern kitchen and traditional bathrooms. It is an auto sensor faucet that fits into any required condition and location. The deck-like shape makes a smooth surface to set the platform easy to use. It has a single hole, and its height is enough to work together with the sink bowl. The gold color in its outer layer makes it stand out among the most advanced fixtures. The solid brass gold material of construction highlights its beauty and durability as well. Function and Features

Its easy-to-use technology makes you effortless to do any action. The dual functionality demonstrates its water and soap dispenser ability both at a time. The auto motion sensor prevents you from any contamination and re-contamination of the germs to avoid infection. Alkaline batteries of 4AA stand out for a very long time to use, but you will have to buy this battery separately.

You can adjust the auto-shutoff feature after every 30 seconds but accordingly. The pressure of the soap/water is 0.5 - 7.0 KGS /cm, 10-125 psi typically. Its computer feature adjusts itself to control the pressure. The detection system of the dispenser is auto-controlled and can measure the amount of motion and lavatory. Applications

The electricity power is AC 110 V and DC 6 V, but it’s without the battery. 100% touchless system to handle the faucet. Ideally usable both residentially and commercially. Installing process is easy and can be installed in public restaurants, hospitals, offices, and homes equally.

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