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Waterfall Showerhead Brushed Nickel

If you are in a mood to give a vintage touch to your bathroom than brushed nickel is an excellent choice. The warmer looking waterfall showerhead with brushed nickel coating gives an extravagant appeal to your refreshing area. We have a wide array of these showerheads. Either you need small size round showerhead or the large ceiling-mounted showerheads we provide you all sizes with different styles.

These showerheads are available in panel form with message jet and spray plus with the LED feature. Moreover, we deal with the showerhead with a combination of handheld shower and the spray system. These are equipped with dynamo technology top operate LED light. Plus, these come with the latest thermostatic technology to offer cozy water that is comfortable for your body. You can enjoy a soothing bath experience with the waterfall showerhead. The modern system delivers the consistent water flow and you feel standing under heavy rain. It will refresh your body and help in kicking out all day tiredness. Another plus point about these classy waterfall showerheads is that these sit well with light and dark both bathroom themes.

Showerhead with brushed nickel coating is durable and the shade remains fresh for a long time. It is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and rust. Thus, you have to do no hassle of cleaning or maintaining these showerheads. Spending on these showerheads is worthy and once you install you get stress free as you do long term investment.

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