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Wifi Shower Head

Fontana Shower Smart Head

Shower heads are part of the shower system, which you can now easily buy separately. There are many innovations in them also which will make you blow up. You can now take a Wifi shower head through which you can adjust many settings according to your needs without entering the bathroom. This complements the innovations of intelligent bathrooms for people's convenience in such a fast-paced world around us.
Fontana Shower Smart Head: This smartly performing shower head is multi-functional as it offers the Wifi ability to control the factory settings, water flow, water temp, and music before entering your bathroom to take a shower. It features six things that can be adjusted along this showerhead for a better experience.

Fontana Toulouse Brilliant Shower Head

Fontana Toulouse Brilliant Shower Head: This intelligently made showerhead offers plenty of advantages and a better showering experience. It comes up in a matte black design, elevating your bathroom appearance with a single installation. Your Wifi device will enable you to empower this one. It comes up with a digital display too.
Fontana Marsala Wifi Shower Head:This shower head comes up with a black matte panel impressively packed with high performance with intelligent technologies. Its LED lighting system and music control will give you a fun feel whenever you shower and relax. It is made with premium quality material, which will provide durability. The Wifi shower head has various qualities and performances, making it a good investment for your home's bathroom. Best of luck!

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