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Commercial Smart Automatic Hands-Free Sensor Faucets Improvement And Maintenance Decisions At Yorkdale Shopping Center.

Presently, the mall sprawls over an expansive 2 million square feet, housing a total of 270 stores. These stores include a wide array of renowned designer brands and luxury labels, along with top-notch offerings in home furnishings and technology. What sets Yorkdale apart is its distinctive collection of prestigious global brands making their Canadian debut, ensuring that visitors have a diverse range of choices to cater to their every desire. As the leading shopping destination in Canada, Yorkdale is co-owned by Oxford Properties and the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo), with management overseen by Oxford Properties Group.

Oxford Properties boasts a real estate portfolio spanning 150 million square feet, encompassing various property types such as office spaces, industrial facilities, multi-family residences, hotels, retail establishments, and life sciences properties across four continents. This selection primarily focuses on prime properties located in highly sought-after areas, both by individuals and businesses. Our competitive advantage arises from blending our global platform and expertise with local trends and firsthand knowledge, resulting in the creation of exceptional value. It's important to note that Oxford is owned by OMERS, the pension plan that provides defined benefits for municipal employees in Ontario.

At the Yorkdale Shopping Center, you can find a business-oriented bathroom faucet equipped with a motion-sensor mechanism similar to the one illustrated below. Touchless bathroom faucets, characterized by their intelligent and futuristic design for restrooms, offer numerous advantages and are becoming increasingly popular in architectural planning for commercial spaces. This growing trend is justified by their effectiveness and hygienic benefits. If you're contemplating the integration of these faucets into an upcoming project, there are several factors to consider. It's essential to start by defining their intended usage. Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets are most ideally suited for high-traffic areas. Fontanashower offers a diverse range of premium automatic motion sensor faucets, available in various styles and designs specifically tailored for commercial applications.

In spaces where there is a substantial flow of people, touchless fixtures become essential. FontanaShowers presents a unique collection of eco-friendly touchless fixtures. Our product range encompasses smart electronic faucets and soap dispensers operated by motion sensors, designed for low maintenance, and built to resist vandalism. These fixtures deliver valuable functionality to restroom facilities, rendering them especially suitable for environments with minimal upkeep requirements, such as office complexes, airports, shopping centers, and various other frequently visited public restrooms.

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Fontana Showers shines brightly in the dynamic realm of commercial enterprises, symbolizing both innovation and steadfast reliability. Their impressive array of stylish and robust fixtures extends beyond mere functionality, acting as catalysts for transformation within commercial spaces. These fixtures not only enhance the visual allure of these environments but also embody exceptional longevity, resulting in significant long-term cost savings for businesses. Moreover, Fontana Showers places a strong emphasis on promoting water efficiency and delivering tailored solutions, offering eco-conscious alternatives thoughtfully customized to meet the distinct needs of their clients. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into their product lineup, including groundbreaking innovations such as touchless faucets and smart showers, Fontana Showers not only elevates hygiene standards but also leaves an indelible impression on discerning clients and visiting patrons alike. The company's unwavering commitment to facilitating straightforward installation and streamlined maintenance procedures ensures minimal disruptions, fostering an environment of uninterrupted productivity. Furthermore, their steadfast dedication to meeting the most stringent industry standards underscores their paramount focus on safety and their unwavering commitment to maintaining impeccable quality. In essence, Fontana Showers transcends the role of a mere fixture provider; it emerges as a dedicated collaborator in the pursuit of commercial excellence, recognizing that every meticulous detail contributes to the creation of exceptional environments that serve as the canvas for memorable experiences and enduring prosperity.

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Our High Traffic Touchless Faucet has been installed at Yorkdale Shopping Center.

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