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Touchless Faucet Collection At Wolf Trap.

Constructed using Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine, the Filene Center is a stunning open-air amphitheater designed to blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings in a national park. This venue plays host to an impressive lineup of over 80 performances every summer, along with two annual free celebrations: the Summer Blast Off! featuring the US Marine Band and a festive Holiday Sing-A-Long during the winter season. Since its inaugural performance in 1971, the Filene Center stage has welcomed renowned artists from various musical genres, many of whom have made multiple appearances due to the remarkable ambiance of the setting.

Wolf Trap Foundationy

Its highly regarded arts education initiatives

The Wolf Trap Foundation extends its influence to children, families, caregivers, and educators all across the country through its highly regarded arts education initiatives. Furthermore, the Wolf Trap Opera stands as a distinguished residency program for emerging singers hailing from various parts of the United States.

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Opera venues worldwide

Graduates of the Wolf Trap Opera program

Devotees of opera are well aware that Wolf Trap boasts one of the nation's most esteemed residency programs tailored for young vocalists. Graduates of the Wolf Trap Opera program can be spotted performing at prestigious opera venues worldwide.

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Fontana Showers: Amidst A Profusion Of Businesses

While at the same time, we have Innovative designs

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Touchless Features

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Touchless Restroom Faucets

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