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Brushed Nickel LED Shower System

FontanaShowers have launched products which are a blend of both modern and traditional design. These products have caught the attention of many people and a lot of orders are being received by different websites. The sole reason behind liking the product is not only its elegant and luxurious design but the amazing features it offers. The beauty of brushed nickel led showers is irresistible. Additionally, the services it offers are totally worth it.

The shower comes in various styles and designs accoridng to the taste of the buyer. The most beautiful feature of the product has to be the LED lights. It makes your showeing experience terrific. The lights change color depending on the temperature of the water. It provides a mixture of both hot and cold water. The showers let the water flow smoothly without causing splashes at the surrounding areas which means the cleaning process is simple and easy. The brushed nickle finsihing does not let any water spots or fingerprints destroy the beauty of the product. The different sizes of the shower heads lets the water flow at different rates. The installation manual comes with the package so you need not worry about calling a professional to do the task. You can follow the instructions and do it yourself.

Brushed nickel led showers promise long durability. Although, it offers a warranty of one year, they work for quite a long time. This finishing gives an elite look to your bathroom along with superb features that when you want to renew the product, you may end up choosing the same.

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Sagua Wall Mount LED Shower Set Fontana Sagua Brushed Nickel Wall Mount LED Shower Set
Retail Price: $1,210.00
Sale Price: $957.60