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Brushed Nickel LED Shower System

FontanaShowers has recently launched a new product line featuring both modern and traditional designs. The interest in these products has been great, and many orders have been placed over several websites. The reason for this attraction is not only their class and luxury but also their fabulous features.

It's hard not to be swayed by the elegance of a brushed nickel LED shower. Adding that sleek elegance these showers complement bathroom style. The LED feature adds some modern touch but creates this wonderful experience associated with showering. They stand out for very marketable showers with aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

Other than the visual display, these nickel LED showers are designed to be strong and offer great performance. They are also very easy to install and maintain, so as not to hassle the users. High-grade materials used ensure long-lasting use; thus, a worthwhile investment.

FontanaShowers has been dedicated to good customer service, ensuring every purchase made is a satisfactory one. The blend of contemporary and classic shows in-depth knowledge about customer preference and trends in bathroom design. With FontanaShowers, you are buying more than a shower; it is artwork that brings a feel of luxury and comfort in your dwelling.

The shower comes in various styles and designs according to the taste of the buyer. The most beautiful feature of the product has to be the LED lights. It makes your showring experience terrific. The lights change color depending on the temperature of the water. It provides a mixture of both hot and cold water. The showers let the water flow smoothly without causing splashes at the surrounding areas which means the cleaning process is simple and easy. The brushed Nickle finish does not let any water spots or fingerprints destroy the beauty of the product. The different sizes of the shower heads lets the water flow at different rates. The installation manual comes with the package so you need not worry about calling a professional to do the task. You can follow the instructions and do it yourself. Brushed nickel led showers promise long durability. Although, it offers a warranty of one year, they work for quite a long time. This finishing gives an elite look to your bathroom along with superb features that when you want to renew the product, you may end up choosing the same.

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Sagua Wall Mount LED Shower Set Fontana Sagua Brushed Nickel Wall Mount LED Shower Set
Retail Price: $1,452.00
Sale Price: $1,149.12
Fontana Warsaw Waterfall & Rainfall LED Shower System Fontana Warsaw Waterfall & Rainfall LED Shower System
Retail Price: $1,570.80
Sale Price: $1,311.16
Fontana Brushed Nickel LED Color Changing Shower Head Fontana Brushed Nickel LED Color Changing Shower Head
Retail Price $947.52
Sale Price: $751.16
FontanaShowers Brushed Nickel Rainfall Shower Set FontanaShowers Square Wall Shower with Jet Spray and Handshower
Retail Price: $2,035.20
Sale Price: $1,721.35

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