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Matte Black Color Changing Shower System

We have shower sets in the trendiest of colors. One of those colors includes matte black, which is considered as the most elegant and contemporary color these days and is all the hype. We kept this in mind and constructed our showerheads in matte black finishes. The color is not the only highlight of these shower systems. They also include LED lights in them. The lights are enabled through the flow of water. The pressure of the water pushes them to turn on and they work on low power as well. They provide beautiful aesthetics and provide a calm feeling while taking a bath. But, they are not for aesthetic purposes only, they are color coded according to the water temperature, for example, red for hot water. Except for the beauty purposes our shower sets are extremely well built, with the base being stainless steel and the rest of solid brass along with ceramic.

There are also different options available in terms of functionality. They are available in a different number of handles. Those handles control different features. They are available in rainfall and waterfall flow of water. Some also have additional massage jets and hand showers that add a lot of comforts. All these shower systems require and consume very little power so you can use them at full power no matter what. Everything added plus the matte black finishes takes the experience to the next level and serves as a brilliant combination.