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Redevelopments And Transformation - Sun Valley, Denver.

Sun Valley, situated in the heart of Denver, Colorado, is a neighborhood enclosed by I-25 to the east, Federal Blvd. to the west, 6th Avenue to the south, and 20th Ave. to the north. This neighborhood is part of the broader region known as West Denver.

Sun Valley's residents

Children constitute 54% of this population

The majority of Sun Valley's residents, accounting for 94% based on the 2000 census, live within a cluster of 10 blocks primarily characterized by publicly subsidized housing. Owner-occupied units make up only around 5% of the neighborhood's population. The remainder of the area comprises industrial zones, parks, and municipal facilities, and includes landmarks such as Empower Field at Mile High along with its adjacent parking facilities. As per the 2000 Census data,

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Incorporate touchless fixtures

These fixtures provide excellent functionality to enhance any restroom

Providing memorable encounters and a dedicated focus on personalized service and culinary mastery in iconic destinations across the globe, The Grow Health Sun Valley represents a wellness endeavor dedicated to promoting well-being through the revitalization of Sun Valley, its programs, and its day-to-day activities. Collaborating with Mithun, the design agency that played a crucial role in steering the Mariposa redevelopment, the Sun Valley Healthy Living Initiative was carried out in the year 2017.

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In settings characterized by high levels of usage, the installation of touchless fixtures becomes not just a convenience but a necessity. This is precisely where FontanaShowers comes into play, offering a diverse range of touchless fixtures that not only boast impeccable designs but also prioritize sustainability and ease of use. Within our extensive selection, you'll discover an array of intelligent touchless electronic faucets and motion sensor-operated soap dispensers, meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of frequent use and to combat the potential challenges of vandalism. These fixtures offer a multitude of valuable features that make them indispensable additions to restroom facilities, especially in environments where low maintenance and efficiency are paramount. Think of bustling office buildings, bustling airports, vibrant shopping malls, and numerous other high-traffic public restroom settings where the demand for reliable and hygienic fixtures is constant and pressing. FontanaShowers' touchless solutions rise to the occasion, enhancing user experience and streamlining facility management.




FontanaShowers® provides a wide range of bathroom faucets with motion sensors. The touchless sensor bathroom faucet uses an infrared motion sensor and a contactless design to flawlessly integrate a modern design and a high-end finish. The application of this cutting-edge touchless technology in commercial settings is highly appropriate. In architectural projects, especially those involving commercial buildings, the significance of hygienic restroom design has assumed a central position.

FontanaShowers® distinguishes out because it provides a wide range of unmatched benefits in terms of technological innovation, performance, and aesthetic appeal. This clever idea offers a practical way to keep a clean atmosphere for all guests. With its infrared motion sensor and high-end elegance and contemporary style, the motion-sensor bathroom faucet is the perfect addition to the space where it will be installed. Commercial-grade faucets have continuously garnered top reviews from a wide range of satisfied customers.

Touchless Features

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Touchless Restroom Faucets

Our High Traffic Touchless Faucet has been installed at Sun Valley, Denver.

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