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The first and foremost thing to upgrade in any publicly used washroom must be to switch to the touchless sensor technology. Replace the current faucets with the touchless faucet if it hasn't been already. The touchless faucet is a relatively new piece of technology that eliminates the need to touch the faucet when turning it on or off, by including sensors that detect the presence of the hand or hands and turn the faucet on automatically.

What are the different types of touchless faucet?

The types of touchless faucets differ in terms of the material they are made of. Here is a list of a few of the different types of touchless faucets that can be used in commercial washrooms.

  • The solid brass faucets

As the name suggests, these faucets are made up of brass. The use of this material ensures that the faucets do not rust easily. This feature makes them durable and might be particularly necessary for places where water is considered 'hard' and risk of rusting is greater. If used in commercial washrooms, this could translate into lower maintenance costs and longer intervals between need for repairs.

  • The brass and chrome coated faucets

These faucets are made of zinc and coated with brass. This brass coating reduces the likelihood of corrosion and also makes the appearance more attractive. The surface will remain shiny for a long period. The problem with this type of faucet is, however, that it is not very good for hygiene. The brass wears out over time, and this exposes the zinc to corrosion risk.

  • The plastic faucet

The plastic faucet is cheaper than other types of faucets, however, in commercial places where they are very frequently used and by the general public, this type of faucet is likely to get easily damaged.

  • Stainless steel faucet

As long as the surface is not scratched, the stainless steel faucet will not corrode. This type of faucet is ideal for all kinds of sinks. Is reduces the risk of corrosion while maintaining a good outer appearance.

Features of touchless commercial faucets

  • The sensor

The sensor of the touchless faucet, which is usually located at the base or the tip of the spout, is a presence sensor that detects the presence of hands and automatically opens the valve to allow water to flow. It will allow the water to flow until hands are no longer detected.

  • The solenoid valve

The solenoid valve is solenoid-activated. It uses a rubber-like disk that controls the water flow. When the sensor detects the presence of hands, the solenoid valve is opened, and water is allowed to flow.

  • Spout

The spout is the visible part of the faucet that holds all the components of the faucet together. These have a major role in designs and come in several shapes and sizes, with a range of designs.

  • Power source

The sensor, the valve, and the electronics need a power source to run them. This source can either be a dry-cell battery or a low voltage current from an AC transformer.
Benefits of installing touchless faucets in commercial washrooms

  • They help conserve water

Water conservation is a major issue in public water supplies, and touchless faucets provide an easy solution. Since the water only flows when the hand is detected and turns off when it is no longer present, water wastage is prevented.

  • It lowers risks of contamination

Another major concern with regards to public washrooms is contamination and the spread of germs from person to person. Touchless faucets reduce this risk by minimizing contact with the faucet which ensures germs are not transmitted through contact with the faucet.

Where can touchless faucets be installed?

Touchless faucets are commonly used in public washrooms at airports, train stations, or hotels. The use of such faucets in public places reduces spread of germs and water wastage. These touchless faucets can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms of private residencies where they can add to design appeal of the bathroom.

Durability and ease of use

The touchless faucets are, in general, durable because of the minimal need for contact with the faucet. These types are less likely to get damaged because they do not involve taps that need to be turned on and off which could get them damaged during the process. The stainless steel and brass touchless faucets are the most durable types since they do not rust easily. These touchless faucets are also much easier to use than other types of faucets.

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