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Gold Auto Sensor Faucets/Manual Soap Dispenser

Fontana Commercial Automatic Gold Motion Sensor is a unique set of faucets in That includes gold finishing, making your bathroom or restrooms look better and unique. The faucet has auto installed infrared sensor that enables you to use it without touching it. This Fontana Automatic Gold Motion Sensor with brand name FontanaShowers include a manual Soap Dispenser. This faucet of model number FS1096MG is highly compatible with US plumbing standards. You can install and use it very easily as it contains a single hole and can be installed via deck mount.

This Gold Motion Senor faucet features brass soap dispenser and faucet with gold finishing giving a unique, shiny and polished look to the surface. It prevents the water to overflow as it allows the water pressure between 0.05 Mpa to 0.8 Mpa, saving a volume of 6 liters each time it is used. It comes in a complete set in a contemporary style featuring the height of faucet about 170mm and the height of spout about100mm and length being 125mm, with well-polished look makes it look stylish and can make your restrooms, kitchens look more unique. This unique and Water saving Faucet is compatible for commercial and residential use. It can be best used in health care centers such as hospitals and in public bathrooms. The brass electronic sensor in the Commercial Automatic Gold Motion Sensor faucet makes it quite hygienic for public and personal use as it wards off the germs by cross contaminating them by the touchless use of these faucets.