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Commercial automatic Sensor touchless faucets

Have you ever heard of the latest technology of commercial automatic faucets/touchless? Are they good, convenient alternative to the normal faucets? Are they efficient or practical? What are the specifications? Where can they be installed? Are they durable and vandal resistant? What are pros and cons? These are some questions we seek to answer through this article

First what is the definition touchless bathroom faucets?

A touchless bathroom faucet, also known as automatic faucet or electronic faucets is simply a faucet that has a proximity sensor as well as a mechanism that causes the valve to open and water to flow as a response to presence of a hand or hands. After the hands are removed, the sensor senses the absence of the hand and the water stops running. These are battery-powered and have active infrared sensors for the detection of hand motion. They are used in kitchens and bathrooms, be they commercial or private, but mostly can be found in commercial/public applications namely hospitals, restaurants and public restrooms.

Types of touchless bathroom faucets

There are three basic types of touchless faucets.

1. Purely touchless

These bathroom faucets are purely touchless, meaning that they operate on basis if the sensor technology and don’t even have a handle for operation. You simply place your hand in front of it to make it work, and once you withdraw your hand, the water stops!

2. Both; handle and touchless

This type of faucet operates both ways. It has a sensor for automatic, but the manual handle method can also be used by those who prefer its use. It operates in both ways so people can use it according to their preferences.

3. Working with minimum physical contact

This type of faucet is not entirely touchless, but it’s more like patting than pulling or rotating the handle. It requires a minimum touch to operate. With this touch system, you can use your arm, finger or elbow to touch the faucet to turn on the water.


Where are touchless bathroom faucets installed?

Touchless technologies of bathroom faucets are usually found in most places today. Being a good way to reduce water wastage, among many other benefits, touchless bathroom faucets are often found in public and commercial bathrooms like those in airports and hotels. And yet, their use isn’t just restricted to the public and commercial sphere. Many people use such touchless faucets in the bathrooms and kitchens of their homes.

Durability and ease of use

If you choose the right company for buying your touchless bathroom faucet, they are bound to provide you a durable piece that lasts long enough to ensure you that your money has been invested in the right place. Durable touchless bathroom faucets can last long enough for you to get the very best of them.

Next we come to the ease of use. For most people, touchless bathroom faucets are a convenient way to save water and have an easy experience. A baker states that the touchless faucet has been a blessing for her because it frees her from the constant struggle of cleaning up the mess after washing her hands.

What are the benefits of touchless bathroom faucets?

Why do people prefer touchless bathroom faucets? What makes them so special? Here are a few benefits that give touches bathroom faucets an edge over the others.

1. Freedom from germs

Regular faucet handles harbor tons of bacteria. There are thousands (if not more) of germs per square inch on the handles of frequently used faucets. One of the major benefits of the hands free elctronic faucets is that you can feel SAFE knowing that your hands are free of germs. When we USE the bathroom, we do not want to transfer germs. The risk with regular faucet is that it can have germs transferred from the person’s hand. This doesn’t happen in case of a automatic faucet where the possibility of germ or bacteria being present on the faucet is entirely removed.

2. Savings

So much water is normally wasted when using a normal faucet. Sometimes you forget and leave the water running such bad habits lead to avoidable water wastage. And don’t forget those folks who don’t turn off faucets properly! One of the much-noted benefits of a touchless faucet is that it tends to be water-saving and greatly helpful for those who forget to turn off the tap. The motion sensor feature of this type of faucet allows the tap to be automatically closed after 3 minutes of inactivity hence leaving to saving water. When compared with other faucets, the saving rate is believed to be more than 60%.

3. Saving energy

The very fact that the touchless bathroom faucets are battery-operated makes the energy consumption ultra-low, thus reducing the energy use.

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