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Matte Black Shower System

Matte Black shower collection of FontanaShowers allows you to make most of your shower with its elegant structure and impressive features. the turbo pressure support nozzle innovation augments your water pressure yield execution and consistent water stream gives you a comfortable shower experience and eliminates the stress of clogging. You can enjoy a shower like no one else. Worked from premium materials of high-quality and got done with matte polish, the shower elevates your interior and restroom. This shower set has two capacities, precipitation mode-that pat skin profoundly bringing shower insight without all exhaustion, and cascade mode-that makes the brain mix the washing experience.

Perfect for contemporary housing, you can manage and set the water temperature on your own. This shower system is also very easy to install due to the detailed instructions and accessories it comes with. The amazing precipitation effects pat your skin gently to relieve any exhaustion! You can enjoy a spa at the home experience through this advanced feature. No need to worry about leakage or clogging. This shower system offers high-quality style, finish, shape, functions, and design. This modern shower head is made from solid brass and is of high quality, so it’s made to last. Blacked surface treatment and ceramic structure are to add class to your restroom, so every time you step-in, it feels amazing!