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Oil Rubbed Bronze Auto Sensor Faucets/Manual Soap Dispenser

Oil Rubbed Bronze Auto Sensor Faucets is an automatic touchless faucet. The faucet consists of a brass bronze body that is stylish and majestic in appearance. The touchless sensor feature enables the spout in such a way that it functions to prevent contamination and cross-contamination caused by bacteria and germs. The microcomputer chip gives it the detection of color and maintains the lavatory. The flash indicator indicates the solenoid function and level the power of the battery. The installation process is easy and comfortable. Very easy to handle and filter to protect the sundries from inducing into the solenoid valve.

Touchless Sensor Faucets

Functions and Features

The design of the dispenser is manufactured that is convenient to mount any sink surface. The battery life timing is up to 5 years. Minimum loss of water or soap because of its automatic sensor. The sensor has a smart Ai smart chip to enhance the functionality of the detection mechanism. Reduce or increase the water flow according to the needs. 4AA alkaline battery with years of lifespan( Apart from purchase from the faucet). The main advantage of the battery is its power-saving capacity. Equally usable in family houses and offices to give a premium look.


The moderate Water Pressure is up to 10-125 psi. The touchless dispenser works with both AC and DC power. The applications are residential and commercial, like in public restaurants, houses, and hotels. All the manufacturing standards are up to the mark.

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