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Luxury Hospitality SPA Shower Systems

When it comes to getting a furnished bathroom, a shower system is key. It would be best if you did not skip getting a perfect one that not only enhances the overall look of the bathroom but also enhances its quality. Bath select has luxury hospitality SPA shower systems that give a unique luxurious look to the bathroom but are excellent in quality. Come and get a sneak peek into its product's design and features. So, let's dig into them!

Square LED light ceiling shower with 20" spa spray concealed:
This LED light ceiling shower is a system of showers embedded in the wall and ceiling. The shower is made of brass material in a chrome plated finish giving enough durable fascinating life. Spa LED Shower head has multiple functions ranging from hand shower head functions to ceiling showers. The height is adjustable so that you can adjust it accordingly. The thermostatic shower set functions to give a SPA mist shower to the body. Its LED chromo therapy gives an excellent comfortable, luxurious bath. When the light comes with the rainfall shower, it just gives an amazing look.

Bath select Lima thermostatic shower set with rainfall shower head and 6 pieces spa massage jets with 3-way mixer faucet in gold finish:
This lima thermostatic shower set in a gold finish gives an exceptional look to the bathroom. If you were looking for a gold finish shower to match it with the other bathroom items. This is the one to go for that comes with 6 pieces of massage jets. This gold set of showers gives you a SPA body massage and relieves you from pressure and fatigue. You can switch to a hand shower or body jets to experience incredible showering.

Lima thermostatic shower system 3-way mixer with 6 body SPA sprays:
This type of shower consists of three valves with a fixed ceiling mount arm, a slide rail kit, and six body jets. Its fixed head shower gives you an amazing rainfall experience, while body jets give a body massage that eventually releases pressure, pains, and fatigue. The shower system is made of solid brass with a chrome finish. The shower system has an anti-scald automatic disc that gives coolness while bathing. I am sure that you will have a great experience with these incredible lavish shower systems, which are not only head shower but also has some hand jets to feel exceptional. Go and relieve yourself, giving a chance to luxury hospitality SPA shower systems.

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Turn Your Shower into a Spa Experience

Experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with FontanaShowers luxurious spa shower systems. With many options and finishes available to choose from our showers are designed to transform your ordinary shower into a spa-like experience, they offer the perfect balance of style and functionality. Indulge in the soothing water streams and invigorating features of our best-in-class shower spa system, they are meticulously crafted to provide you with the utmost comfort and satisfaction. With a range of options available, including wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted installations, our spa showers cater to every preference and bathroom design, configuration, and layout. You can upgrade your daily shower routine with our exceptional shower spa system and elevate your bathing experience to a new level of luxury and serenity.