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Satin Nickel LED Shower System

FontanaShowers is offering various products which are a mixture of both modern and classic compositions. FontanaShowers offers some very different features besides its magnificent designs. The multi features offered by it are the sole reason that many people are attracted towards it and want to buy it. They promise the best quality that gives the customers a perfect bathing experience. The amazing products introduced by FontanaShowers always impress its buyers. Satin Nickel LED Shower system is the most attractive kind of a shower system introduced by FontanaShowers . LED shower system attracts the buyers in first sight. It has such a cool look that probably everyone would want to have in their bathroom. The come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Each type of set offers its own specific features.

The LED shower systems totally transforms the whole look of your bathroom. Bathing becomes much more enjoyable with the LED shower heads. The LED shower heads shed light upon the shower water by an ethereal light. It gives you relaxation. While bathing under such shower heads you will definitely want to take long showers to become more relaxed. These shower heads are temperature sensitive Some LED shower systems also have changing colors effect. You can change their colors too. These colors may be red, green, blue and purple. FontanaShowers heads lift your showering experience to a whole new level.

They also have a remote control feature. These showers are mounted upon the ceiling. They are designed in a contemporary style. They have a auto-thermostat water control system. They have different functions which includes, rainfall shower, massage waterfall, rain curtain, body jet showers, hand showers and spout. Satin Nickel LED Shower Systems have a function that they instantly show if the water becomes too cold or too hot. It allows you to see the exact water temperature by which you can easily adjust the water temperature that suits you the best. FontanaShowers offers these large collection of LED shower systems of different styles, finishes and features that will boost up your bathing experience.