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Satin Nickel LED Showers On Sale

A great product should also have a great design along with all the necessary things. At, FontanaShowers we make sure of this. So we offer a large range of showers in different finishes. The most popular of which is the satin nickel showers. The satin nickel showers not only look beautiful but are also extremely practical and functional as well as you would expect. The finish is satin nickel which provides a very sturdy and strong look to the overall shower. You can also buy it in different colors like silver, rose gold, and gold are some options that might fit nicely to your bathrooms. You get a contemporary design which is surely going to satisfy the modern design that everyone craves for.

To add more beauty among others, there are also built-in LED lights that get activated by the flow of water through the shower. They don’t require any additional current to work they get powered by the water flow and can work at very low pressures as well. The LED lights serve more purpose than just beautiful as they are color-coded according to the temperature of the water. There will be no compromise on quality as the built material is extremely durable and guaranteed to last for a lifetime. You will not need any other shower than this once you have bought it because of the great quality and functionality with LED lights acting as a plus point in all these things.