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Stainless Steel Shower Arm

The FontanaShowers are providing the best quality features of showers and shower panels or arms. The shower arms are designed for the nice look and luxurious interior of the bathroom. These showers are built from premium material and a strong body. The turbo pressure at the nozzles and the jets provide water with smooth flow and streamline. You will feel the rainfall with the water falling on you. It is easy to install and is leak-free. The design is highly impressed by the design of FontanaShowers. Make it sure, whenever it comes to your bathroom designing, shower arms are playing a great role in it.

Stainless steel shower arms are featuring the stainless body which is not polluted by the fingerprints and the watermarks on it. It can be mounted on wall and follows a contemporary style. The showerhead is attached to the shower arms. It has a sleek body of a new style. It has a mirror finishing and a a strong material is used for its manufacturing.

The benefits of using stainless steel shower arms let the body and bathroom match perfectly with each other. It can easily combine with any other color because of the mirror in its body. It has a fixed support type. Cleaning and maintenance are easy. The shower arms come up with a sleek body and a warranty of a year. It easily fits into the bathroom with its unique style. The shower system comes with different sizes of the arms according to the shower size.