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Incredible transformation- The Residence, London

London is famous for plenty of reasons, including its beautiful design building, gardens, museums, and rich history. Building designs and architecture in London show the taste of royalty, and so are their residences. The residence, London, is adored by the Fontana showers faucets and soap dispensers, which enhances the royalty of that place.

The particular touchless faucets and soap dispensers are a great deal of attraction and a crucial part of every commercial restroom. Fontana showers are not only made of the best and most attractive design but also are durable and perfect for commercial purposes.

What FontanaShowers has to offer?

FontanaShowers are famous for their smart design bathroom or electronic restroom faucets and soap dispensers. After the pandemic, people have become more aware of the importance of touchless faucets and soap dispensers. Architects also pay particular attention to this point while designing commercial and residential restrooms. At FontanaShowers, we are converting old classic bathrooms into smart ones using advanced touchless electronic faucets and motion sensor soap dispensers for residential and commercial places. Moreover, FontanaShowers faucets have been low-maintenance and durable for a long time. Our faucets and soap dispensers are the perfect addition to make any restroom modern and advanced, including in offices, buildings, airports, shopping malls, and other commercial places. People of all ages can easily use touchless faucets, and it also prevents the transmission of bacteria and germs from person to person in commercial areas. Touchless faucets and soap dispensers also proved very beneficial in saving water resources and require low maintenance. The beautifully designed, high-quality faucets are perfect to go with any theme or design of the restrooms and provide a fascinating touch to the old classic restrooms.

FontanaShowers touchless sensor faucets and soap dispensers

FontanaShowers is a famous and preferable brand for its unique touchless motion sensor faucets and soap dispensers. The fantastic material, durability, and incredible designs of these faucets make them the most obvious choice for architecture. Architects love to design and use FontanaShowers products in their amazingly designed bathrooms and restrooms. As explained above, the benefits of using sensory faucets are numerous. They proved pretty energy-efficient in terms of saving water and also require less to low maintenance. Moreover, the touchless system benefits the environment by preventing the spread of disease, especially in commercial places. The touchless faucets and sensory motion soap dispensers use infrared motion sensors to detect the movement around them and are accurate to work for a long time. There are plenty of other companies offering touchless faucets and soap dispensers. Still, at FontanaShowers, we are confident that you are not going to find the same quality and incredible design product anywhere else in the market.

Touchless Features

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