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B2B Commercial Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers hold and dispense liquid or foaming soaps using a sensor or hand pump. These devices save space in the bathroom or kitchen and are less dirty than using a bar or bottle of soap. The ideal soap dispenser depends on whether you want a hand pump dispenser, which is cheaper and doesn't need power, or a sensor/touchless soap dispenser, which you can hold your hands under to get soap.

B2B Commercial Soap Dispenser: This B2B soap dispenser is for above-sink use. The Reno sensor soap dispenser for 3" high vessel sinks is heavy-duty for high-traffic situations. Industrial quality soap pump system, solid brass soap spout.

Fontana Napoli Commercial Hands-Free Automatic Dispenser:Automatic Faucets/Soap Dispensers with bathroom improvements and fixtures improve commercial restroom hygiene. Across bathroom design styles, this is a trendy finish. Hygienic hand washing is easy with this dispenser. FontanaShowers has the shape, finish, and style you want in new bathroom renovations. It enhances high-quality, tasteful decor with its eye-catching appearance.

Fontana Rio Commercial Automatic Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser:Its stylish faucet shape matches all commercial faucets. Infrared ray emission and receiving technology make it touch-free, low-maintenance, and safe. The spout is composed of brass with chrome to keep its color fresh and resist marks and scratches. Using soap dispensers, liquid hand soap can be provided near sinks in a streamlined and cost-effective manner. In response to a sensor or pump, the dispenser dispenses a measured amount of soap onto the user's hands.

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