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Hershey Theater by C. Emlen Urban.

Hershey Theatre in downtown Hershey is regarded as one of the best performing arts centers in the region. The chocolate magnate and philanthropist Milton S. Hershey commissioned architect C. Emlen Urban to design a community center for the Hershey Theatre. In almost 80 years, C Emlen Urban's beautiful architectural design and artistry are still evident at Hershey Theater.

Upon entering Hershey Theatre's Grand Lobby, one is struck by its beauty and craftsmanship. Every part of the theatre embodies elegance and beauty from floor to ceiling. The beauty of Hershey Theater is incomplete without the discussion of the elegant faucet installed there. Let’s discuss more the touchless faucets and modern soap dispensers of FontanaShowers installed in the Hershey Theater.


Our particular high-tech and premium quality commercial sensor faucets add a beautiful and modern touch to this antique place. Our sensory faucets look ravishingly amazing in this great monument of elegance and art. they are best for low maintenance in office buildings, airports, malls, and many other high traffic public restrooms. Moreover, our faucets are designed to survive maximum usage in commercial places to fulfill the requirements without high-end maintenance. Hence, FontanaShowers faucets will retain their glory and marvelous functioning longer than anybody expected.

What FontanaShowers has to offer?

FontanaShowers has a wide variety of sanitary touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and other luxurious restroom accessories to offer our customers. Our sensory faucet, high-tech and quality is the perfect match for any commercial and residential place. Such sensory faucets are ideal, especially for the commercial rest room, to prevent water wastage and ease of use for people of various ages. Sanitary restrooms are part of almost all commercial projects, and architecture pays a lot of attention to the details of the designs and technology of commercial restrooms. The low-maintenance technology, longevity, perfect design, and luxurious appearance of the faucets of FontanaShowers make them an ideal match for commercial restrooms. This faucet is designed and functions at the highest level to save water by minimizing water waste and eliminating the unattended water flow through its automatic high-end technology. For public facilities such as these, the touchless operation is the best solution to minimize cross-contamination.

Fontana sensory faucets and soap dispenser

FontanaShowers is the leading brand for commercial touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and other related items. The unique design faucets of FontanaShowers make it the center of attention for foremost architects to install them in great commercial places. FontanaShowers faucets are considered significant in various commercial areas, including healthcare, education, transportation, offices, hospitality, industrial, entertainment, and government sectors.

There are numerous benefits of using sensor faucets of FontanaShowers, including their excellent quality, durability, long-term usage, low maintenance, and ease of usage. The market is filled with various options of faucets for commercial purposes. Still, we are confident that our sensory faucets and soap dispenser are unbeatable and the priority for a top-notch architect to adore their magnificent design places.

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