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Satin Nickel Shower Faucet

Enjoy a definitive showering experience with the Fontana Satin Nickel Shower Faucet. Strong, reliable, and with the advantage of a strong metal harsh in the valve, it has a downpour shower head which gives an extravagant showering experience and is the ideal supplement to any advanced and contemporary restroom. The advanced plan and a simple to-utilize blender valve, both are produced using top-notch strong metal to deliver the best quality and output. Satin nickel shower faucet’s warm, soaking water pattern is the aftereffect of a denser water design and bigger beads that hold their warmth longer to relieve and rejuvenate, allowing you to enjoy a warm and relaxing shower. Be certain, with regards to the new shower set, FontanaShowers is offering shape, finish, and styles you're searching for, that best compliments the fixtures.

This has a rich plan and lifts the allure of your outside pool or yard, produced using the highest caliber and for extraordinary tastes. The perfect satin nickel finish allows the faucet to be appealing as well as long-lasting! The faucet is deck mounted, with five openings and three handles, separate handles for cold and high temp water. The body and spout of the spigot are made of metal, the same as the handheld showerhead, while the valve center material is earthenware for best execution and durable lifetime. Detailed instructions and accessories make installation and mounting of the faucet a lot easier. It comes total with frill and establishment directions, so you can make the most out of your shower faucet.