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Showerhead with Handheld Matte Black

For customers looking forward to upgrading their bathroom fixtures, either wanting traditional or modern styles, FontanaShowers is just the place to fulfill their requirements. FontanaShowers’ years of excellence are guarantee enough of the fact that the products available here are of excellent quality, durable, and varied. In its new collection of showerheads with handheld matte black, FontanaShowers promises a number of styles and designs of showerheads.

Matte black finish in any bathroom fixture offers a look of utmost elegance and glamor. The sleek finish depicts luxury and is a perfect addition to bathrooms with black, gray, or white interiors. The products available in this category are of both square and circular designs. The showerheads are rainfall showerheads that promise a wonderful showering experience like that of standing under torrential rain. The LED lighting along the rim of the showerheads makes the fixtures even more aesthetically pleasing and the handheld shower allows for a very convenient shower. There are both ceiling-mount and wall-mount styles available for you to choose from.

The matte black finish allows for easy maintenance because the surface does not display any watermarks and any spills can easily be cleaned. The black color also plays an important role in hiding any stains and keeping the surface spotless. The black color goes perfectly with all other types of bathroom fixtures so you need not to worry about making it match other fixtures. The modern LED features and handheld showers will improve your showering experience tenfold. The best part of this all is the very convenient pricing!