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What are the Best Commercial Automatic Soap Dispensers?

Choosing the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers for a Restroom Design! Soap dispensers are now essential part in all commercial washrooms, public restrooms. and their maintenance is rather costly because the frequent use and frequent repair. A solution to this dilemma is the installation of vandal resistant, heavy duty, dual touchless automatic soap dispensers that minimize the need of repairs while eliminating the need of contact. These soap dispensers will automatically dispense soap when needed and only when they detect the presence of hands under the nozzle. The sensors open only as much soap as is necessary for one regular hand wash.

What are the types of touchless soap dispensers:

Sensor-operated soap dispensers provide commercial restroom facilities efficient and hygienic solutions; while all automatic soap dispensers have similar features but he distinguishing feature of automatic soap dispensers is the sensors. The different types of automatic soap dispensers differ in terms of the presence sensors that they use.

Photo sensor

Soap dispensers with photo sensors make use of a light source and a sensor. The light source emits a focused ray of light and the sensor is able to detect this ray oft light. When hands are brought under the nozzle, the path of the light ray is blocked, the light ray reflects back to the sensor and the pump is activated. Thus, in presence of hands, the soap dispenser will automatically dispense soap.

Radar-based sensor

Radar-based sensors use microwaves. These soap dispensers have a source of micro-waves and a sensor that can detect the presence of micro-waves. The rays reflect back from irregular surfaces and hands are one such irregular surface. When hands are brought under the nozzle, the micro-waves are reflected back and detected by the sensor. This activates the pump and dispenses the soap. Other radar-based sensors use infrared rays for the same purpose. They have infrared emitters and collectors.

Passive infrared sensor

The automatic soap dispenser has built-in precision infrared sensor. The automatic soap dispensers that use passive infrared sensors are able to detect infrared rays emitted by hands. When hands are brought under the nozzle, the infrared rays that the human body emits are detected by the sensor. The sensor thus activated the pump in presence of hands and dispenses soap.

Fontana Reno Deck Mount Hands Free Commercial Automatic Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers typically include a nozzle and a soap container. The features that distinguish automatic soap dispensers from others are the sensor and the pump. The type of sensor used varies between different types of automatic soap dispensers. The sensor is a presence sensor detects the presence of hands. When the sensor is activated in presence of hands, the pump is also activated. This dispenses soap when hands are brought under the nozzle. Automatic soap dispensers are known for their hygiene-friendliness. Alternatives to these, which include soap bars and other regular dispensers, the purpose of hand-washing is ruined by the contamination risk. Contact is necessary to use these and this means that germs like bacteria can easily be transmitted from one person to another. This is a particular risk in commercial settings like in restaurants where many people will be using the same bar of soap or non-automatic dispenser. Automatic soap dispensers eliminate this risk by eliminating the need to make contact with the soap. Another major problem in commercial washrooms is the wastage of soap. Here, usage of liquid soap cannot be monitored so there is a risk of wastage. The automatic soap dispensers reduce this problem by dispensing only as much soap as is necessary for one regular hand wash.

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    Automatic soap dispensers are ideal for use in commercial settings. Since these are both hygiene-friendly and help minimize wastage of soap, their use in commercial washrooms is very popular. These can be installed in washrooms in restaurants, gyms, plazas, hotels etc. Automatic soap dispensers are both durable and easy to use. The limited need of contact or pressing buttons to dispense soap will reduce need for repair because it will be unlikely to be easily damaged. At the same time, the automatic feature makes them easier to use than regular non-automatic soap dispensers.

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