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Matte Black Shower Arm

Matte black is the color you should be looking forward to if you are looking into a modern-looking environment. We have our accessories from FontanaShowers in the classy yet modern looking matte black finish. You can purchase black shower arms for your entire house from us. Our matte black shower arms are super easy to fit and have a beautiful design. You can select the best design for your bathroom by looking at the variety and available options. We offer them in different materials as well, but there is no compromise on quality in any of them. They are available in stainless steel as well as brass both super sturdy and strong. You are guaranteed great water flow from our shower arms without any problem of clogging.

Also, they are very easy to install and fit right into your plumbing and the shower head you are using. You can pair it up with our matte black shower heads to give it more of a glamorous look. We have a wide range of shower arms. You have the option to select them according to the size of your plumbing and the showerhead to make it a nice fit without any leakages. They are also available in different lengths to make them according to the length you prefer. Everything else combined with our matte black shower arms will surely give you the satisfaction and the modernization you need and prefer. So lit up your space and get the shower arms from us in matte black.