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Bathroom Touchless Faucet Design Ideas

What is an automatic faucet?
When it comes to select for a restroom a touchless faucet, keep in mind the automatic faucet or a faucet is a hands-free faucet that equips proximity sensor. The mechanism of this sensor opens the valve of touchless faucet so that water can flow concerning the presence of hands that are close to proximity. These touchless faucets then close their valves after a few seconds if they don't detect hand or hands any longer. Most of these automatic faucets contain a battery or an active infrared sensor that detects the motion of the hand. Automatic faucets are also known as infrared faucet, sensor faucet, and touchless faucet.

How touchless faucets work?

There is a sensor in automatic faucets that has a light-emitting diode or an LED, which is a tiny light bulb. This LED emits the light continuously, and its wavelength is much longer than visible light. In short, it is invisible to the eye of a human. When a human hand or any other solid object enters into a range of LED, it reflects the infrared light signal into a receiver diode. When the light is being detected by the receiver diode, the valve is opened which allows the water to flow through the faucet. When the solid object or hand is removed from the range of LED, the signal to the receiver diode is cut which allows the valve to close and stop the water running.

Advantages of automatic faucets:
In comparison with regular faucet, automatic faucets have many advantages.
  • Infrared faucet are quite hygienic than normal faucets.
  • These faucet don't require human contact, which means they are less contaminated by bacteria and viruses. For this reason, automatic faucet are ideal for hospitals and old people's homes.
  • These faucets should be installed at every public place because many people use public washrooms and sinks, and everyone has their germs, which are quite non-hygienic for others.
  • Automatic faucets keep the disease transmission to a minimum level.

  • If you have regular faucet installed in your home or other public places, you need to open the faucet with dirty hands, but in the presence of touchless faucets, you don't need to touch anywhere to start the flow of water.
  • Another advantage of touchless faucet is they don't get stained quickly as these faucet lack human contact. They remain cleaned and maintained for a much longer time.
  • With the presence of touchless faucets, we can have water savings, as well. These faucet run as long as it is required for handwashing. Some of the types of these faucets automatically shut off the running of water after 90 seconds of continuous use. Such type of faucets is best to be installed in schools and nurseries as children usually leave the faucets running.
  • Although automatic faucets are expensive as compare to regular faucets, they provide you with benefits by reducing bills of water. These faucets are not only beneficial for the planet, but they also benefit you in your bank balance.

Disadvantages of automatic faucets:
Like every product has its advantages, they also contain some disadvantages.

  • Although touchless faucets improve the hygienic condition and it should be installed in hospitals, schools, and old age homes. But not everyone is aware of its use. People get confused about how to operate these faucets. Put an explanatory sign so that people can consider it.

  • Automatic faucets supply a premixed cold and hot water. This means the user is not able to adjust the temperature by himself.
  • Sometimes, the sensor present in the automatic faucets is generated by the false signals from reflected light. Infrared signals from the touchless faucet should not be interrupted by the light that is bouncing off the mirrors or from the polished metal surfaces.
  • As infrared faucets are battery-based, so they become unresponsive when a battery is dead or needs to be changed.

Different types of infrared faucets:

There are many types of automatic faucets that benefits you in many ways.

This deck mounted faucet is quite stylish and contemporary design. It is a ceramic plate stool and contains a single handle. It has premixed hot and cold water.

2. Fontana Bessemer Automatic Hands-Free Sensor Motion Activated Faucet:

It is an elegant touch-free sensor bathroom faucet. No use of handle to stop the flow of water after washing the hands. After continuous use of 60 seconds, faucet automatically shuts off the running of water. The battery lasts for 3000

3. Fontana Hugo Oil Rubbed Bronze Automatic Hands-Free Faucet:
This hands-free oil rubbed erosion faucet is anti-erosion. It minimizes the water wastage by eliminating the flow of unnecessary water. Its design was inspired by the
FontanaShowers. It does not include a battery. Best to install in your washrooms. times/month for 1.5 years. This faucet is only for cold water.

There are several advantages to Fontana touchless faucets:

Improved hygiene: Fontana Touchless faucets are more hygienic because they eliminate the need to touch the faucet handles. This means that there is less risk of spreading germs and bacteria, which is particularly important in public restrooms and other high-traffic areas.
Bravat Commercial Automatic Electronic Faucet
Water conservation: Fontana Touchless Bathroom faucets are designed to conserve water by reducing wastage. Since they only dispense water when activated by motion sensors, there is less chance of leaving the faucet running accidentally.

Energy efficiency: Fontana Touchless faucets also save energy by reducing the amount of hot water that is wasted. Since the water only flows when the sensor is triggered, less hot water is needed to heat the cold water in the pipes.

Ease of use: Fontana Touchless Bathroom faucets are easy to use, particularly for people with limited mobility or those who have difficulty grasping or turning faucet handles. They are also easier to clean than traditional faucets since there are no handles or knobs to scrub.

Fontana  Commercial Antique Brass Touchless Motion Sensor Bathroom FaucetSolo Commercial Touchless Sensor Faucet Matte Black Finish

Modern design: Touchless faucets have a sleek and modern design that can enhance the overall aesthetic of a bathroom or kitchen. They are available in a variety of finishes and styles to suit any decor.

Fontana touchless faucets brand have several competitors in the touchless faucet market. Some of the major competitors include:

  • Delta: Delta is a well-known brand that offers a range of touchless faucet options. Their products are designed for both commercial and residential use and feature advanced technologies like Touch2O and Proximity Sensing.
  • Kohler: Kohler is another major player in the touchless faucet market, offering a range of products that are designed for both residential and commercial use. Their products feature advanced technologies like Response and Precision Activation.
  • Moen: Moen is a popular brand that offers a range of touchless faucet options. Their products feature advanced technologies like MotionSense and PowerClean, and are designed for both residential and commercial use.
  • Sloan: Sloan is a leading provider of commercial touchless faucets. Their products are designed for high-traffic areas like airports, hospitals, and restaurants, and feature advanced technologies like Sensor Activated.
When choosing a touchless faucet, it is important to do your research and choose a product that meets your specific needs and budget.