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Commercial Soap Dispenser Touchless

Manual soap dispensers are now placed in old-fashioned trends because today, everything is sealed with technology. The commercial soap dispenser touchless offers utterly 100% touching-free operation to its users, which proves to be highly beneficial and convenient for reducing the risks of illness by spreading germs. So, commercially touchless soap dispensers are best installed rather than manual ones.

1. Fontana LIMA commercial touchless soap dispenser

This one comes in a brushed gold finish, which offers fantastic performance and outstanding features to handle the cross-contamination of bacteria and germs among people by washing their hands at commercial places. This one will give the commercial places its trendy looks as it is made with reliable and durable material.

2. Fontana MELUN touchless soap dispenser

This soap dispenser is of high quality because of its Gold finished design and highly sensitive motion sensors operated by microchips installed inside. Its automatic operation can be adjusted explicitly according to the needs of that place. The primary material used in its manufacturing is highly reliable stainless steel.

3. Fontana chrome commercial touchless soap dispenser

This product can handle and understand the need to wash hands with its sensitive motion sensors containing micro-processing chips for better performance in every situation. It will upgrade the old public restrooms with its looks and stylish design. It is made for great taste.


The entire list of commercial soap dispenser touchless and contains the ability to satisfy the needs of commercial restrooms.

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