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Touchless Soap Dispenser Commercial

For the last 3 years after the birth of the coronavirus, people have been getting more concerned about hygiene for their safety. Germs and bacteria affect your health so badly. So everyone needs to use hygienic things and take good care of their health. Considering this fact, we mention some touchless soap dispenser commercials that are very good for your restrooms if you want to know more than reading the article.

1. Fontana Lima Chrome Commercial Electronic Sensor Automatic Touchless Commercial Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser is designed for commercial use, like restrooms, office buildings, hospitals, and all other public places. It is a touchless soap dispenser without any handle or bar to operate it. The type of soap in this dispenser is foam soap. The sensor in the application detects the motions and work. Fontana showers make the Lima commercial electronic sensor automatic touchless commercial soap dispenser. It is made of high-quality material. It has solid material used for construction that provides it with long durability. It is based on new technology and has a very basic yet decent design. The product will add a very modern look to any restroom.

2. Fontana Automatic Touchless Wall Mount Commercial Soap Dispenser

It is a basic soap dispenser for restrooms that are made of plastic. It is an automatic device that works without any handle. The installation style of the product is a wall mount. The power supply of the Peru automatic soap dispenser is DC. The device is altogether very basic yet beneficial. The mechanism of the application is so smart, and it works perfectly in restrooms. The brand of this is Fontana showers. The product's material is plastic, but it is durable and long-lasting. As it is made of plastic, there are fewer chances of rusting. The product goes well with all kinds of US plumbing.

3. Fontana Commercial Deck Mount Automatic intelligent Touchless Soap Dispenser in Chrome

As you can guess by the name, the type of this soap dispenser is deck mount. It is a hand-washing device without any handle or operator. The product's material is metal; it is made of metal and very solid. The application will last for so long as it is finished by chrome. It is a polished soap dispenser that goes well with any restroom. The product brand is Fontana showers; they have worked hard to develop this masterpiece. The product's shape is very decent and looks like a tap. The product's performance is excellent and fits all kinds of US plumbing.


To conclude the article, I hope you like the brief information about some touchless soap dispenser commercials. All of these products are by a very well-known company. They are made of good quality material and add an amazing look to your commercial restrooms.

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