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How to install Fontana Renalto Single Handle LED Square Shower Head Wall Mount Shower Set Oil Rubbed Bronze W/ Hand Shower | FS-298RB

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  • Before you begin, please read the installation instructions below. Observe all local building and safety codes.
  • Unpack and inspect the products for any shipping damages. If you find damages, do not install.
  • Please note all products must be installed by a professional and certified plumber otherwise warranty might be voided.
shower Fontana Renalto Single Handle LED Square Shower Head Wall Mount Shower Set Oil Rubbed Bronze W/ Hand Shower

Shower Set Installation Instructions

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1. As specified in diagram, attach the shower base to the hot and cold water supply pipes in the wall.

2. Wrap the S-connectors with Teflon tape, and thread the connectors onto the supply pipes. Tighten with your adjustable wrench.

3. Use a level to verify the connectors are aligned properly. Adjust as necessary.

4. Thread the inner rings onto the S-connectors, keeping the threaded portion facing outward. Place the escutcheons on the inner rings with the horn mouth facing inward, and push them against the wall.

5. Attach the connecting nuts to the S-connector, and tighten.

6. Attach the connecting rod to the middle shower riser. Hold the mounting bracket in place in the desired mounting location.

7. Attach the middle shower riser to the shower body. Use a level to very that the shower riser is in the proper location. When all pieces are properly aligned, mark the location of the mounting bracket on the wall.

8. Remove the middle shower riser, and drill two holes at the locations marked in the previous step. Insert the wall anchors. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall with mounting screws. Attach the escutcheon to the mounting bracket.

9. Attach the shower support and the middle shower riser. Connect the bottom of the riser to the shower body and the top of the riser to the mounting bracket. Tighten the screw to secure.

10. Thread the shower head onto the shower support. Tighten the locking nut and showerhead to secure.

11. Connect the hand shower and shower hose.

Shower head - Make sure there is a rubber washer in place in the shower head and screw onto the riser arm.

Handshower - Place one of the rubber washer into the cone end of the hose and screw to the handset.

Valve - Place the second rubber washer into the nut end of the hose and attach it to the valve outlet.

Riser rail - You can adjust the height of the riser to suit your requirements.
Carefully push the riser arm into the riser until you reach the required position. Slide the securing nut down and into the riser, tighten the nut.
Pull the cover down over the nut.
Remove the nut and seal from the top of the valve and slide onto the riser rail. Push the riser onto the connection on the top of the valve, slide down the seal and tighten the nut.
Slide the wall bracket onto the riser bracket.

Before installing your new mixer, flush through the pipe work to ensure removal of debris, turn off the water supply.
Note: Make sure that the valve is positioned to allow room for the riser rail to be fitted later.

Prepare the wall with 2 flush 1/2” connectors. Connect the water supply to the inlet pipes. The hot water should be connected to the left hand pipe.
Using PTFE tape screw on the 2 offset connectors followed by the covers.
Place a rubber filter/washer in each of the locking nuts on the valve and screw onto the connectors, some adjustment can be made to the offset connectors to align the centers and level up the valve.

Note: The valve must be connected to rigid pipework for support.

Product Image

Fontana Renalto Single Handle LED Square Shower Head Wall Mount Shower Set Oil Rubbed Bronze W/ Hand Shower

The Renalto wall mount Oil Rubbed Bronze shower is a good choice for a modern bath. This shower head and handle in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish is classy and elegant, the thermostatic faucet offers comfort and the LED lights create a cozy atmosphere. The shower head comes with a choice of 3 sizes: 8”, 10” or 12”. The LEDs are activated by the water flow and their color changes according to the water temperature. The faucet body, spout, and the showerhead are made of solid brass and the valve core material is ceramic, a combination that guarantees a long-lasting. It comes complete with accessories and installation instructions.


  • Brand Name: FontanaShowers
  • Model Number: FS-298RB
  • Type: Bath & Shower Set
  • Cold/Hot Water Control Type: Single Holder Dual Control
  • Shower Head Size: 8 inch
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Exposed B & S Faucet Feature: With Slide Bar
  • Number of Handles: Single Handle
  • Type: Fixed Rotatable Type
  • Valve Core Material: Ceramic
  • Bath & Shower Faucet Type: Exposed Bath & Shower Faucet
  • Feature: Thermostatic Faucet
  • Installation Type: Wall Mount
  • Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Faucet Total Height: 47.2" (120cm)
  • Showerhead Dimension: 8" (20*20cm)
  • Adjustable Height: 27.5"-47.2" (70-120cm)
  • Distance of the center to center: 6" (15cm) 5.3"-6.7" (13.5cm-17cm) adjustable
  • Valve Type: Ceramic Valve
  • Faucet Body Material: Brass
  • Faucet Spout Material: Brass
  • Shower Head Material: Brass
  • Shower Head: LED 3 Colors. Water color changes as per water temperature change.
  • Fontana Renalto Single Handle LED Square Shower Head Wall Mount Shower Set Oil Rubbed Bronze W/ Hand Shower

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