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Rose Gold Auto Sensor Faucets/Manual Soap Dispenser

Our Fontana Sierra Classic Style Manual Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser would be a total mood changer and give extra cool vibes when you fix it within your bathroom. This manual soap dispenser is giving extra durability with excellent design and even saves electricity as it gives old school vibes being manual and is fit for your taste. The soap dispenser is made of stainless steel that is even clog-proof so that you don’t have to deal with clogged up dispensers and fix them weekly.

The manual dispenser is fixed with a soap dispenser at the top that can be refilled and a pump at the bottom. The auto sensor one is an electricity driven dispenser that also comes with an elegant design and cool shape to alleviate the look of your bathroom. The electric dispenser is more modern as it automatically senses the movements of your hand and gives out a specific amount of soap needed for a single hand wash. This helps to save time, money and even it takes lesser volts of electricity so the product saves the electricity too. These auto-sensor faucets can be fixed on the sink and can be wall mounted too depending upon the choice of the customer. The auto-sensor is made of stainless steel or finished with nickel that makes it rust free and low maintenance. So, you don’t have to take a lot of care of it after getting it fixed. Also, it supports all the standard plumbing of U.S.